Woo! We've hit a whole year of Optimizing together! Go us!

I sincerely hope our work has caused a few positive ripples in your life. Let's make some more + send out a free invitation to the Optimize family! 👫👭👬

Follow along with the 3 steps below:

How to Share a FREE Month Subscription

If you'd like to gift a month subscription follow these steps:

Once there, enter the desired account information to register your giftee!

Lastly, just send us a message with the email address of the giftee. We'll then hook up their account for a month of optimizing 😊

Voila! You now have an Optimize Buddy to share the experience with!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I'd love to get this started for you! 

Once again, Happy Anniversary! Here's to the days (decades!!) of Optimizing to come,

Zak & the Optimize team

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