Great news!!  You're now able to share the Optimize +1s far and wide! 🌎

Here's how to share +1s via the website, the app, or the Daily +1 Email:


Use the “Share this +1 with Friends” button on any +1 page

Check it out 👇

You can also share by clicking the top left corner of the video player

Optimize App (iOS and Android)

In the app you can click this button (we’ll be adding a bigger "share" button in the near future!)

Take note of the the current button placement here 👇

Daily Email

Lastly, you can share the +1 email with anyone and they'll now have direct access to it! 

Either click the SHARE button within the email (below) or just hit forward and send it to whichever people you'd like to check it out. 😊

Please give me a message with any questions and I'll help you out!

Happy sharing +1, +1, +1..., 

Zak & the Optimize team

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