We're still hammering out the fine print details of the program, so all of this is subject to change! For now, we're thinking the general framework will be something like:

  • Weekly calls with Coach-only content on Tuesdays @ 9am PST. Calls can be joined live or watched via the recorded replay that'll be posted on the website within 24-48hrs.
  • Daily execution of your Hero Habits/Algorithms and capturing it via project #carpediem
  • Everything supported by a Core Curriculum of 300 +1s, 101 PhilosophersNotes and 11 Optimal Living 101 master classes (and all the other goodness)
  • Swimming with your Buddy
  • Celebrating with a let’s change the world weekend party! It will be Dec 6-8, in the L.A. area, including a Spartan race on Sunday. (If you can't make the weekend, you'll be required to watch the content as well as find + compete in a local race. With a friend you enlist. )

Questions? Reach out!

Michael + Team Optimize

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