From a high-level, joining the Optimize Coach program means making a deeper commitment to not just learning the wisdom, but LIVING it!

The main focus of the program is on helping YOU transform your life by operationalizing virtue so you can more consistently close the gap between who you’re capable of being and who you’re actually being.

On a more tactical level, joining the Optimize Coach program gets you access to:

  • The Optimize Mastery Series. In Phase I of the program, we’ll go deep on Self-Mastery via a studio-produced 26-part video series which distills the best of Brian’s work into an actionable week-by-week protocol.

  • The Core Optimize Membership for One Year. That means you'll have access to all the +1's, PN's, and 101's. (If you already have an active membership, your payment subscription will be paused for one year.

  • Live Coaching with Brian (2x/month)

  • Live Coaching with Michael Balchan, our Head Coach + President of Optimize. Powerful coaching to help you expand your impact, serve profoundly, and grow your business. (2x/month)

  • Live Coaching with Alexandra (1x/month)

  • Live Coaching with Luminary Faculty (1-10x/month)

  • The Optimize Coach Training Series: In Phase II of the program, we’ll dive into Coaching Skills via a studio-produced video series helping you expand your ability to coach and serve other people in your life. (Whether as a team leader, entrepreneur, executive, parent, individual contributor, or professional coach.) In Phase III we'll explore how we can serve profoundly as a way to create a thriving business.

  • One of the most inspired communities on the planet. Join a community of other Optimizers who are inspired to change the world together.

Hope that helps! We're here to answer any other questions →

-Michael + Team Optimize

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