Are you trying to find out what is the phone number? We can help!

First, have you checked our Optimize Help Center? We have a TON of answers for all frequently asked questions.

Second, for the fastest response from our team, reach out via the chat icon on the site or simply email us! (

If you're not into emailing or messaging to resolve your inquiries, that's fine!

Though our support team operations are roughly handled through email 99% of the time, you can definitely request a call from Team Optimize.

Please email us with your phone number, what the the issue is, and a great time to call, as well as a brief description of what you'd like to chat about.

Just click the chat icon or email to send us that request.

And lastly, feel free to call our support line at 1 (833) OPTMZ-ME

(or our secondary US line: 1 (619) 609-0111)

Please leave a voice message and clearly share your name and email address of the account on file. (Make sure to speak slowly + spell it out if it's difficult!)


Zak + Team Optimize

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