We’re inspired by the astonishingly high standards of elite special forces training programs (SEALs, Rangers, etc.) and the importance of having a buddy throughout training and beyond. So, we’ll be connecting everyone in the program with an Optimize Buddy.

Basic idea: you’ll support and hold each other accountable to being and becoming your Optimus Best selves.

Previous participants in Optimize Coach said that having an Optimize Buddy was one of their favorite and most impactful parts of the program.

And for those of you seeking to be certified as Optimize coaches, one of your requirements will be that A) you maintain an Optimize Buddy relationship throughout the program, and B) that your buddy confirms you’ve been an awesome buddy at the end of the program.

Note on buddy pairing - if you are joining the program with someone you want to have as your buddy - awesome, just let us know! The team will spend the first few weeks of our program pairing up Coaches with a buddy that is optimally suited to them. This is a manual process based on your intake survey (there's TONS of goodness to sift through to make sure we find the right pairing for you)!

If you have any further questions, please reach out → hello@optimize.me

Calman + Team Optimize

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