Great questions! So glad you're curious + eager to see what's on deck for the Optimize Mastery Series!

We're constantly releasing new Modules + worksheets, etc. weekly!

If you want to keep tabs on it, the best way to see what has just been released is the notification page!

If you're in the coach program, you've got your Coach Program content all lined up with information in the Coach WIN (What's Important Now) page.

Save this link to keep tabs on where we've been + what's to come.

Stay tuned to the weekly emails from Brian and the Team. Brian gives sneak peaks into what he is working on and shares dates on those too!

Although we understand you might really prefer knowing exactly what is to come, we're endlessly evolving here and working on creating a more consistent release schedule! Thanks a TON for your patience as we optimize our communication about content releases!

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out,

Hugs + High Fives!!

Zak + Team Optimize

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