Optimize has a TON of wisdom (from over 600+ books!), so our 101 Master Classes help you narrow in on one specific area of Optimizing. 

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In these 60-min long videos, Brian distills (usually 10 of) the best Big Ideas from his favorite books into fun, practical 101 classes to help you optimize every aspect of your life (!) so you can actualize your potential. These classes have additional worksheets, posters, and other goodies like meditations!

Our 101s include everything from Habits 101 and Conquering Procrastination 101 to Optimal Sleep 101! Get the full list here!

P.S. When asked which 101 to start with, We typically like to say, "Start with Greatest Year Ever 101!" then work your way through the other Master Classes as that's sort of how they were mapped out.

P.P.S. Our 101s have been separated into Wisdom Packs with accompanying PhilosophersNotes, +1s and other supporting content like interviews to help you dive even deeper into the area you want to optimize!

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