Imagine Brian distilling the absolute best wisdom and biggest ideas from the Optimize Core Wisdom library (1,000+ Optimize +1s, 600+ PhilosophersNotes, and 50 Optimal Living 101 classes) into ONE program that can change your life.

That’s the Optimize Mastery Series.

And, it's part of the Optimize membership.

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The 250-day program features the 7 (+1!) core Modules of the Optimize Protocol. New modules are released every month throughout the course of 2020.

Each module includes worksheets + practice videos from Optimize Head Coach, Michael, to help you move from Theory to Practice to Mastery.

So… are you ready to close that gap between who you’re CAPABLE of being and who you’re ACTUALLY being so you can more consistently express the optimus-best, most heroic version of yourself in service to the world?

Awesome. We hope you'll join us.

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