Brian is friends with many of the authors! He hangs out with many of them + interviews them + hosts epic events with them! Their type of partnership actually helps the authors get their books seen by a wider audience, as well as provides awesome content to our Optimize community. πŸ“š

As far as copyrights go, at Optimize, we aim to clearly attribute any quotes to the correct author. Just like in an essay in high school, you've got to cite your sources! πŸ“–

Our Philosophers Notes distill the main ideas and most important concepts from the best optimal living books, but they are new, original works of their own, written in our Optimize style, voice, and format.

Our content is usually concise and compelling, but necessarily limited by their format. Think of them as a robust movie trailer for books. Of course the full length book will offer more in-depth discussion, rich examples, references, and explanations that PNs can’t fit. Which is why we always link the books for a deeper dive!

We hope that by giving people an easy way to discover new wisdom, Optimize will bring authors more readers and get more great books noticed and read - increasing authors’ income along the way. We believe that big ideas are important and delightful, and can help you become your optimus best, too. Sometimes one new topic might get you curious about a whole new area of study, and one great quote can offer you new perspectives, enticing you to read more!

I hope that you're able to relax (with a cup of tea + your favorite Philosophers Note!) while knowing the content you're reading isn't pirated! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ


Zak & the Optimize Team

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