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Our Vice President of Impact & SPIC3EY Culture ⚡️

Favorite Wisdom? Coach Module VII: Antifragile Confidence & Hērōic Courage

Why? This one pulled together a bunch of my fave concepts - anti-fragility, grit, hope, courage response-ability... Optimizing the Heartbeat of Our Soul!!! (drool!)

Oasis ID: @JanaD


Our longest serving employee 👴 + a "zak-of-all-trades"
that helps our community + business operations flourish

Favorite Wisdom? Optimizing for the Modern Hērō 101 + the PN PEAK

Why? That 101 covers a TON + gets my Soul Force going. PEAK helped me show up as my highest self athletically + helped me sign my first professional (soccer) contract!

Oasis ID: @Zak  


Our Production Operations Lead 🎬

Favorite Wisdom? Self-Care 101

Why? It changed the way I thought about myself and by practicing more self love it helped me attain greater success and happiness in my life + relationship! I've been using Alexandras journalling style since Self-Care 101 came out!!

Oasis ID: @Chany


Our Special Forces Lead 💪heading up projects across
Membership + Coach program + Events

Favorite Wisdom? Mastery Module IV: Carpe Diem

Why? As the writer Annie Dillard so eloquently put it: "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." This module takes that wisdom and makes it immediately actionable. Literally every day of my life is better as a result of it!

Oasis ID: @PatrickBuggy


Our Community Astonishment Lead 💙

Fav. Wisdom? Conquering Anxiety 101 + Abundance 101

Why? I use the tools from Conquering Anxiety 101 every day! They are life-altering!!

Oasis ID: @Charlie


Our Hērō Astonisher ⚡️Supporting our heroic Coaches
+ Helping our team to build a World-Class program.

Favorite Wisdom? Optimizing for the Modern Hērō 101

Why? This 101 is a powerful reminder of why I desire to be my best (to serve others) while also providing the how of closing that personal gap so that we can help others do the same.

Oasis ID: @Calman

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