Having issues with your account?

Let's see if we can fix it here. About 90% of account issues require one of these simple methods.

First off, let's take a moment to breathe + appreciate how amazing it is to have technology that helps us Optimize our lives. And appreciate how often things go RIGHT in our lives.

Ahhhhhh, that's nice. 😊

Now let's even appreciate when things go wrong, knowing that THESE moments help us all improve (OMMS style!)

Now we're ready + empowered to take on this (and any) challenge! #BringItOn

Method #1: The Hard Reset.

Use this if you are experiencing anything glitchy on the webpage or app!

For Mac: Command + R on a Mac

For PC: CTRL + F5 button on PC

For Mobile:

  1. Press Settings

  2. Safari/Google

  3. Scroll down & tap Clear History and Website Data.

Method #2: The Password Reset.

Use this trusty trick if your password has suddenly stopped working in the app!

Simply log in to your account on the web, here. Then, you can go to your profile dashboard and change it here.

Et voila! You should be all set!

Method #3: The Classic IT Fix!

Uninstall + Reinstall the app to clear out the gunk.

You know what to do! Hold your finger over the app and delete it. Then head to the App Store and re-download it here for iOS or Android.

This gets rid of a whole host of glitches AND (perhaps most importantly) will update the app if we put out a new version!

As mentioned, that should do it for most basic issues.

If it doesn't, GREAT!

Please send us a message ASAP and we'll handle it! We love challenges! 💪


Charlie + Team Optimize

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