The Coach Core Wisdom page is the safest page to go to navigate Optimize Wisdom while you're in the Optimize Coach Program. Why? Because it only features required wisdom. Given that completing this set of wisdom is required for the program, we recommend prioritizing this over any non-required pieces of Optimize Wisdom.

By default, the Coach Core Wisdom page sorts by "Remaining".

When you've completed a piece of wisdom, be sure to click on the checkmark:

Once you've clicked the checkmark it will turn blue and look like this:

When you finish watching, reading, or listening to a piece of wisdom, be sure to click that checkmark.

If you complete something that is required and then refresh the Coach Core Wisdom page, you'll notice that you'll have +1'ed the count for the +1's, PhilosophersNotes, 101 Master Classes, or a required Coach Module.

The Dashboard looks like this:

Be sure to celebrate your progress as you go. That's like you! 🎉

(The number of Coach Modules noted will depend on how far into the program you are.)

Typically +1's are 2-4 minutes, PhilosophersNotes are 20-25, and 101 Master Classes are 50-75 minutes.

Depending on how much time you have or what type of wisdom you're looking for, you can use this filtering menu to sort by PhilosophersNotes, +1's, 101 Master Classes, or Coach Sessions.

For how to find the page in your Coach Menu and for other navigation tips, see the video below:

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