Updating your info from a logged in screen

If you're logged in and would like to change your email, password, or other information on your account just head over to your Manage Profile Page in the top right hand corner. 

Want to change your Username? Read on:

Though your username isn't something you can change in your Manage Profile Page, if you reach out, we can work it out for you manually. We'll be able to edit your account and input a different username the second time around! 😀

Forgot your password? Don't worry, it's not your fault.

If you're not able to login, just click "Sign in" and in the bottom right hand corner select "Forgot Password?". That will prompt you to input the email address associated with your Optimize account. Once you do, keep an eye on your email inbox! You should see a message from us with a link to update your password right away. 🙂

Need help? Reach out to us in our conversation app.

High Fives!!

Zak & the Optimize Team

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