As part of Optimize Coach, you’ll be immersing yourself in a hand-picked collection of some of the best wisdom from the Optimize library.

That library contains three main types of content: (And don’t worry if this seems confusing, you’ll quickly become a pro!

1. PhilosophersNotes: The biggest ideas from world’s best optimal living books, distilled into fun, inspiring, and super practical 6-page PDFs & 20-min MP3s.

2. Optimize +1s: Daily 2-5 minute micro-lessons with a new big idea you can apply to your life right away.

3. 101 Master Classes: 45 to 90 minute classes that cover the most important ideas for mastering a singular topic like Productivity 101, Leadership 101, Meditation 101, etc.


To become a Certified Optimize Coach, you’ll need to complete a specific list of:

  • 101 (out of 600+) PhilosophersNotes
  • 300 (out of 1100+) Optimize +1s
  • 11 (out of 50+) 101 Master Classes

Any piece of wisdom that has a “Required” badge is part of the required Coach Core Wisdom. (You’re welcome to explore and complete non-required wisdom as well, it just won’t be counted as progress towards Certification.)

You can find the entire collection of required wisdom, as well as track your completion status, on the Coach Core Wisdom page. You can also use the filters on the right side of the page to sort the content: by what you’ve already completed, by what you haven’t yet completed, or by content type.

Once you’ve completed a piece of content, hit the little checkmark to “Mark as Complete” and then…celebrate that micro-win! 🎉

(“That’s like you!!!”)

The dashboard at the top, which tallies your progress, is updated every time you re-load the page in your browser.

For even more technical tips, check out this article.

We recommend making it a daily habit to head to the Coach Core Wisdom page and complete at least one piece of content.

(Check in: What time would be best for you to do that? How will you remind yourself?)

Day by day by day.

Let’s move from Theory to Practice to Mastery… starting now.

Head over to the Coach Core Wisdom page and dive in. 🏊

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