Logging In

The new system will prompt you to re-login, both on the Optimize app and desktop. If you can’t remember your password, just hit the password resent link.

Your app will also prompt you to update to the latest version (if you don’t have the top-rated apps yet, grab it on iOS here and Android here) once the updates are live.

And — exciting! — once you’re logged in, you should notice a more consistent authentication experience, particularly on mobile-web.

Signing Up

Still waiting to become a member? It’s never been easier, cheaper, or more impactful. Grab your FREE two-week trial, today.

Favorites, Completed, Lists

All of your MyList content (favorited, completed, and saved-for-later content) will port over to the new Optimize. Syncing has also been improved. So when you make a change on one device, it’ll show up on your other devices when you refresh.


You'll find links to +1s, PhilosophersNotes, 101's, Missions (see below for more on those!) and the full library - just click on the Wisdom tab in the navigation above.

Your Dashboard

The updated home screen is designed to serve as your one-touch jumping off point into the next piece of life-changing wisdom on your Optimizing journey.

You’ll find each day’s featured wisdom (both the PhilosophersNote and the +1) as well as a new personalized “Up Next” section, and the option to choose your next Mission. Plus, a quick access “Share Optimize with a friend” link.

(Note: The first release will include web (and mobile web) versions of the Dashboard. Our apps will be getting their versions of the Dashboard soon after.)

Up Next for YOU!!!

On the dashboard, you’ll find a selection of content curated specifically for YOU and what you’re currently working on Optimizing.

If you’re an Optimize Coach, you’ll see “What’s Next” for you to complete in the Coach Program.

If you’re a Core Member, you’ll see “What’s Next” in your most recently active Mission. (So… say you’re working to beat Kim or Gwyneth or Brian on your Oura score and are crushing the Get Great Sleep Mission, you’d see the next PhilosophersNote or Optimize +1 related to sleep.)


Missions are new curated learning journeys to help newer members Optimize and actualize faster and ALL members master whatever facet of your life you're most excited about.

We have Basic Missions, things like:

  • Your First PN

  • Top 11 PNs

  • First 10 +1s

  • First 30 +1s

  • First 100 +1s

Plus, Themed Missions distilling the BEST wisdom on a specific topic area. Think: a collection of a 101 Class + the top 11 PNs + the top 30 (or 40) +1s, on topics like:

  • Get Great Sleep

  • Build Better Habits

  • Feel More Connected

  • Discover My Purpose

Each time you mark something as complete, you’ll see your progress build towards finishing the Mission. And, since completion data syncs across content types, many of you will already have a head start on celebrating your first completed Mission!

(Note: We’ll be releasing new Themed Missions over time, along with Top 3 Missions and Author Missions. We'd love to hear what you're excited about!)


In addition to the Missions, you can also track your general progress on your Optimizing journey and celebrate key milestones with badges and awards.

Search Improvements

We hope you love our new and improved search!!! You’ll now get more accurate results every time you search, including on mobile.

General Performance Improvements

On the whole, once we’re fully rolling, the new Optimize will be faster and more reliable with lickety-split load times and minimal outages.

Coming Soon!

As highlighted above, this first wave of updates is just the beginning of what’s in store over the coming weeks, months, and years ahead.

In the next few waves of updates we’ll see things like streaks, additional awards and badges, and continued performance enhancements. (Plus, you’ll have access to all the Dashboard updates on your Mobile app!)

And, we’re also excited for what this foundation will allow us to do long term: things like custom saved lists, tiered favorites (1-3 hearts), easy access to platform actions from your email inbox (mark as complete, save, etc.).

Additional Support

Need a little more support!? We're here for you. Check out the Help Center, send us an email to hello@optimize.me, or give us a call: 833 OPTMZ-ME.

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