Some email client apps might be different. Here's our guide for some strategy, though you might need to get flexible and find what works for you!

Right now there are two main ways to get from one of our emails to the Optimize App

1st Pathway: Take a Few Extra Taps

1 - Tap the thumbnail of the +1 in the email
*note that this doesn't bring you into Safari, it actually brings you into a browser within the gmail app - which won't show up as logged in.

2 - From THAT page, all you need to do is: Open the link in Safari (or another default browser) by tapping that browser button.

3 - Pull down on that page to reveal the "use the app" bar in the top, and tap the “Open” button in the upper-right.

2nd Pathway: Adjusting your Email Settings

e.g. in Gmail on iOS:
1 - Tap the hamburger menu in your email app
2 - Scroll down and tap “Settings”
3 - Tap “Default apps”
4 - Under the “Browser” section, tap “Default browser app”.

This will make it so it bypasses the email client’s browser, and opens in their chosen browser. By doing this, it’ll jump you over to the app!

3rd Pathway: See if there's another way that works best for you!

Alternative: Maybe you can just turn on your Optimize app notifications and use that to access the featured content of the day! Play with it + see what works!

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