I'm here to guide you as you start your Optimizing journey. Let's jump in.

The #1 suggestion is to start with the area you're most interested in optimizing. It's worth pinpointing the topics you find yourself drawn to! 

The easiest way to baby step into the membership is to check out the +1s! It's the absolute best way to start applying wisdom to your life each and every day.

Then you can download a handful of the PhilosophersNotes that you might find interesting. You can sync them to your phone (via the Optimize app) for on-the-go listening, or stream them directly. 📱 

You can also browse them by subject tags and authors!

Next, you could check out the Optimal Living 101 original class videos. They're high quality, with animation and everything, truly some of Brian's best work.

From there browse through any of the Master Classes that cover a topic you pinpointed as an interest!

Lastly, if you're interested in the best wisdom based on a topic try our new  Wisdom Packs! Trust me, you'll love them!

Don't forget: you can always reach out to us! We're happy to chat and help you tailor the membership to your needs. 😃

Optimally yours,

Chany & the Optimize team

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