If you're looking for the newest of the new, all you'll need to do is log in and head over to your Content Notification page.  

You could also head over to your Member Dashboard where you can see a little notification bell in the top bar, or scroll down to see the latest Philosophers Notes, Classes, Interviews, etc.

If you're an app user, then you can also access the updates and even change to push notifications if you're feeling it.

Make sure to join our Mailing List to get weekly updates on new content + sneak peaks into what we're working on. (Sign up here)

Optimally yours,

Zak & the Optimize team

P.S. If you're in the coach program, that content is all lined up with information in the Coach WIN (What's Important Now) page. Save this link to keep tabs on where we've been + what's to come. Bookmark this! → https://www.optimize.me/coach-win

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