If you're already a member of the Optimize program, just sign-in to the Oasis below. If you haven't signed up for the membership program, that's a good place to start!

Just zip over here to become a member: https://www.optimize.me/membership

Then, just sign in to the Oasis using the same credentials you use for the App + Site!

Sign In Here: https://optimize.me/oasis/login/

Our Oasis is in just-ship-it, super-Beta-mode. So, please pardon the dust and limited feature set at the moment. We have a TON (like, jumbo-ton!!) of cool things in store. (Most immediate next big feature = Messaging. 😃 )

If you're looking to set up your Username + URL, head over here


Looking forward to connecting with you!

Zak & the entire Optimize team

P.S. Once you're all set up, feel free to connect with some the team! Our profiles are:


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