If you're looking for written content on the website we have a TON of it!

Though not every bit of info in our program has been transcribed a good portion of it has!

A really cool place to start is downloading the PDF's of whatever PhilosophersNotes you're interested in! Each PhilosophersNote comes in Audio, PDF, and (some!) in video quality too! See here: 

If you've already checked that out and you're looking for more, our new +1's are also written out!

On the general +1 page you can see a short blurb next to each video, and when you click on the one you'd like to watch and scroll down beneath the video the entire video is summarized below. 

Lastly, the +1's and Master Classes both have downloadable/printable worksheets and workbooks to help you practically apply all the knowledge you've gained from the wisdom!

Hope this helps, and if you have any more questions don't hesitate to let us know by starting a conversation here!

Cheers with Chai tea,

Chany & the Optimize team

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