Let’s start with an Optimus Breath. Chest up, chin down. Inhale through the nose, deep into the belly, with an exhale slightly longer than the inhale. Ah, that’s better. 😊

There is no behind, truly. We’re here to show up as consistently as possible and this feeling of behind-ness is a reverse indicator that we care and are dedicated to showing up at our Optimus best.

Now let’s ask the all-important question, “What’s Important Now?”

You may find the answer to that on our What’s Important Now page.

Beyond that, the answer to that question will depend on your goals and which round of Optimize Coach you’re in.

If this is your first year you’ll want to prioritize watching the Mastery Series Modules with Brian. Those can be found on the Coach Modules page. You’ll also want to create space to engage with the Required Wisdom we have specially-selected for you. That wisdom can be found on the Coach Core Wisdom page. And most importantly, practice what you learn as often as possible as you close the gap between who you are and who you’re capable of being.

If this is your second year of the program you’ll want to focus on building your Self-Mastery + Coaching Toolkit via the Coaching Tools page. You’ll also want to engage with the Level 2 Required Wisdom (we have added this to the same Coach Core Wisdom dashboard as last year).

And if you have any further questions or would like additional guidance or support, please reach out to the team at coach@optimize.me

- Calman + Team Optimize Coach

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